DarkFlash A-RGB CPU Liquid Cooler A-RGB 240mm Fan DX240 & DX240V2


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Suport Intel LGA 2066/1151/2011/1200/AMD AM3+ / AM4 /AM5 (1700(DX240V2 ONLY)

Please Note that the Pink cooler is Not Compatible with LGA 1700 Black Pink (Not Compatible with LGA 1700) White

Check out our Facebook videos tab to see the RGB DEMO video

Thermal Grease/Paste did not include Thermal paste $5 E. A Thermal grease $10 E.A

DarkFlash integrated water cooling, maintenance-free, with no need to add water and cold liquid for life.

12 cm temperature-controlled intelligent aura sync RGB colour changing fan, with N.I.T. noise interception technology, overall mute design.
Ceramic bearings.
Constant light.
All pure copper hot water absorption cold heads fit the CPU to fully absorb heat. 27mm aluminium radiator, High-density wave band hard row, using S-shaped fins, increases the heat dissipation area.

It provides all platform mounting clips for INTER and AMD CPUs and is easy to install.

Woven mesh high-quality rubber water-cooled tube, zero penetration, durable and durable.

Efficient heat dissipation, brilliant light efficiency, and highly translucent 3D collapse cold head design.

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